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Welcome to Ardent Oil Limited

Ardent Oil was founded in April 2013 as a privately financed oil & gas exploration company based in London and we hold exploration licences in the UK and Danish sectors of the North Sea.

We are a sub-surface company specialising in geology and geophysics for 'conventional' hydrocarbon exploration. The company has no interests in shale or 'unconventional' exploration licences.

The technical team at Ardent Oil have considerable experience in mapping our own hydrocarbon prospects from 2D and 3D seismic data, farming out blocks, and getting wells drilled. The wide experience of the team enables us to generate and mature initial prospects from less than optimum quality seismic and well data, considered by some as too difficult to work with.

Ardent Oil specialises in mapping oil and gas prospects and preparing them to be drill ready.

In April 2016 the company was awarded all four licences we applied for in the Denmark 7th Offshore Round. Ardent Oil is one of the most active exploration companies in Denmark. We have a comprehensive data set offshore Denmark and have acquired new PGS 3D Geostreamer broadband seismic on Licence 11/16 over our 'Jarnsaxa' prospect (see 'Licence Interests').

In March 2017 we were successful in being offered 11 blocks / part blocks in the UK 29th Offshore Round, supplementing our existing UK 28th Offshore Round awards. This gives us a wide and attractive acreage position in the UK Mid-North Sea High.

Ardent Oil is equipped and capable of taking the lead in joint ventures by acquiring new acreage or by farming-in to existing licences. We are currently focused on exploration in Northern Europe but we have wide international experience and are willing to consider opportunities further afield.

Ardent Oil will be exhibiting at the Prospex Fair in London in December, and we are well equipped to host data rooms and technical workshops at our London office in Borough High Street, London SE1.


Latest News

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Ardent Oil UK 30th Round Award

Posted on 23-05-2018 12:35:43 BST

Ardent Oil and partners, Simwell Resources and Horizon Energy Partners are very pleased to have been awarded block 043/02 in the recent UK 30th round awards. 

This block further adds to the Ardent Oil exploration acreage in the Southern North Sea, that now totals around ~2500km². The additional block allows us access to identified sweet spots within the new Zechstein Reefal Carbonate play that we have been following around the area using successful analogues onshore Eastern Europe in the same play trend.




UK 29th Offshore Licensing Round Success

Posted on 24-03-2017 12:15:33 GMT

Ardent Oil is delighted to announce that the company and its co-venturers have been succesful in both applications we made in the UK 29th Licencing Round. The offers made by the Oil & Gas Authority, which are subject to formal licence award, are in the UK Mid-North Sea High area.

The offers under the two applications we made comprise area (i) being Blocks 36/24, 36/25,37/21, 37/22 (Split), 37/23 (Split), 37/28b &37/29b where a Zechstein Reef Trend has been identified and area (ii) being Blocks 36/15 (Part), 36/20, 37/11(Part) & 37/16 where a Devonian lead has been identified.

Richard Moreton (Executive Director) commented ..."we are very pleased that Ardent Oil was awarded nearly all of the blocks we applied for in this Round. The new awards in the Mid-North Sea High compliment the blocks which were awarded to the company in the 28th Round and this gives us a comprehensive spread of acreage in this potentially very prospective and underexplored area. The Mid-North Sea High has been highlighted by the OGA and in one of our applications we were able to take advantage of the free open dataset they acquired. Our objective after licence award is to acquire a 3D survey over identified leads and prospects within the acreage. Given the adjacent blocks awards to other companies a multi client 3D survey would be an ideal opportunity for all involved in exploring this interesting Mid-North Sea High area.''



Denmark Offshore New 3D Geostreamer Broadband Seismic

Posted on 24-03-2017 11:28:10 GMT

We are pleased to confirm that the new 3D Geostreamer Broadband data aquired by PGS in 2016 on behalf of Ardent Oil on Denmark Licence 11/16 (Jarnsaxa) has been processed and delivered to the company. The data quality is excellent and interpretation is now underway. Following completion of this work in Q2 2017 Ardent Oil will be seeking partners with the objective of drilling this attractive prospect. This new data compliments the existing PGS 3D MegaSurvey data set offshore Denmark licenced to Ardent Oil.

Martin Whitehead (Executive Director) said..."we are delighted with the highest quality of the PGS Geostreamer Broadband 3D data over 'Jarnsaxa' which is a great improvement on the legacy 3D data we used to identify the prospect. We are very enthusiastic about building a detailed geogical model to justify drilling this potentially very large prospect with multi level targets".

Denmark Offshore 7th Round Licence Awards and 3D Seismic Survey

Posted on 18-03-2016 15:08:01 GMT

Ardent Oil can now confirm that the four Denmark 7th Round exploration licences awarded to the company will be effective from 6th April 2016. The licences will be finally awarded by the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate and accepted by the company at an official ceremony to be held in Copenhagen on the same day.

An opportunity has arisen for Ardent Oil to commission from PGS a Geostreamer MC 3D broadband seismic survey over newly awarded block 11/16 where the company has mapped the 'Jarnsaxa' prospect. PGS are operating an MC 3D Geostreamer broadband survey with the 'Ramform Vanguard' in a nearby block for another operator and those survey lines have now been extended over block 11/16 with acquisition starting on 19th March. In total 323 sq km of full fold 3D broadband seismic will be acquired over the block.

Richard Moreton Executive Director said .."we are very pleased that the effective date of the four licences awarded to the company in Denmark has now been finalised. In anticipation of the award Ardent Oil has been able to benefit from a new state of the art 3D broadband survey on favourable terms over block 11/16 due to a PGS vessel being operational nearby. We are looking forward to interpreting the ultra high quality data produced by PGS MC 3D Geostreamer broadband surveys which will greatly enhance our capabilities to explore on the block".

Denmark Offshore 7th Round Licence Awards

Posted on 08-03-2016 12:58:52 GMT

Ardent Oil, through its subsidiary company Ardent Oil (Denmark) S.A., is pleased to announce that it has been provisionally awarded four licences in the Denmark 7th Offshore Round. The awards by the Danish Energy Agency are subject to ratification by the Danish Parliament which is expected shortly.

The blocks awarded are named as block 10/16 (202 sq km awarded below 1,700 metres sub seabed), block 11/16 (426 sq km), block 12/16 (461 sq km) & block 13/16 (760 sq km). All licences, when awarded, will be held by Ardent Oil as operator with an 80% licence interest. The remaining 20% licence interest is to be held by the state oil & gas company Nordsofonden.

A map showing the block awards is on the 'Licence Interests' part of this website.

Richard Moreton, executive director, said "..we are delighted with these awards in an underexplored part of the North Sea. We are looking forward to bringing some new ideas to the Danish North Sea sector and to working there. One of the awards, block 10/16, is in the Graben with the other three on the Danish Shelf. All the blocks have interesting leads or prospects on them that we will be developing over the initial two year exploration period of the licences".

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