Offshore UK - Southern North Sea
Zechstein Carbonate Licence - P2300

Licences P2300 forms a key component of Ardents Southern North Sea/Mid North Sea High Zechstein Carbonate Acreage. Following acquisition of new 3D seismic data in summer 2019 Ardent and its partners Horizon Energy partners and Simwell Resources, are farming out licence P2300.

Recently acquired 3D has for the first time allowed the identification of significant Haupt Dolomite build-ups over much of the licence area, deposited as high energy shoals, barriers and talus slopes. The licence is located on the same highly prospective Zechstein reefal trend as the 2019 Darach Oil/Gas discovery.

Further information will be made available later this month with a data room which will open 31st of May – 31st April 2020.

Interested companies are invited to contact Ardent Oil for further details.