Offshore Denmark
Licence 11/16: Jarnsaxa

Licence 11/16 JarnsaxaJarnsaxa is a Multi-billion-barrel prospect located offshore Denmark. The prospect is a play-opener in Denmark. It is a fractured basement prospect, with similarities to Lancaster Field being pursued by Hurricane Energy in the UK Faroe-Shetland Basin.

Geologically it is located in the highest part of the uplifted Coffee Soil Fault block, immediately juxtaposed against the greatest development of the Tail End Graben depocenter and associated Jurassic source. Recently acquired broadband seismic has delineated faults and fractures within the basement section acting as reservoir, further analysis of this data set in the DUG software has demonstrated multiphase fracturing and faulting within the section. Seal is provided by the lower levels of a complete section of the chalk and also by counter regional dipping ratty volcaniclastics of Permian Karl Formation. These seal have provided effective in number of analogue field including Auk (UK).

The prospect demonstrates robust closure with around 1km of vertical relief, it covers are area of around 250kms2 in the P05 case and even with very conservative assumptions of GRV, reservoir, fluid parameters and recovery it is difficult to change the sense of an economically healthy resource. The volumetric analysis has given us mean numbers of STOIIP 1582mmbl, Rec Oil mmbbl 370, Rec Assoc Gas 148bcf and Recoverable Res of 394mmbl.